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Core Strength
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Data Processing

Core Strength

Imaging and Data Capture

  • Largest imaging capacity in Malaysia
  • Processing capacity of over 60 million pages a month
  • Able to scan and convert handwritten or typed forms into electronic forms using intelligent data capture process
  • Include proofing and verification stages which result in high level of accuracy in data capture and conversion process
  • Able to help customers to redesign forms to make them "machine-readable", including review of table, fields, boxes, colors and shades.
  • Images archived and indexed into a document management system

Archival and Retrieval

  • Fast searching and viewing of archived documents and properties
  • Operate a hosted service
  • Single screen viewing of multiple documents
  • Ease of saving and emailing archived documents
  • Adding and viewing notes to documents
  • Published Application Programming Interface enables integration with third party application
  • Customized functionality by user-type and administrator settings for segregation of duties

Records Management

  • Our warehouse is one of the largest secure purpose-built facilities in Malaysia
  • Our building is equipped with 24x7 real-time security monitoring and armed guards patrolling around the building parameter
  • Eight-storey high racking system which can store up to 900,000 cartons at any one given time
  • Vault room which can store up to 350,000 of sensitive security documents
  • All cartons are bar-coded and system-managed
  • Access to documents on overnight and same day basis
  • Cartons stored by image index fields for easy on-location search and retrieval
  • Planned or ad-hoc destruction services